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You Know You’re A Mom When… September 20, 2009

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The only edible item all homes with children under 3 have in common.

They are the first thing my son asks for when he wakes up in the morning.  “Cheewios pwees?”

And I give them to him… every morning… without fail.

Oh, there IS variety in our life.  It comes in the form of Frosted Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, and so I don’t feel too guilty:  Multi Grain Cheerios.

I find them mysteriously appearing all over my house…obviously  in the high chair, but also on the floors, in corners, between toes, on the bed,  in the diaper bag, and now on legs.

Yes, I said legs.

The other day I was sitting on the couch with my friend Tracy, who is a mother of 3 beautiful kiddos under ( drumroll please…) 3 years of age.  (She is my mom hero. )  Her internet was down and she didn’t want to miss out on the 90% off sale, so she was over here using the computer.  At one point she looked down and noticed the Cheerio on  my leg and said, “You know your a mom when you have a Cheerio stuck to your leg.”  We giggled and continued scrolling through the restaurants.

A few minutes later she looked at me again and said, “You know your a mom when you have a Cheerio stuck to your leg and you don’t do anything about it. ”

So, how about you?  What’s your Cheerio moment?


One Response to “You Know You’re A Mom When…”

  1. Traci Says:

    I love this! I was thinking this story sounded familiar as I read it and now I see why!!

    I love “you know you’re a mom when” stories – mine would include wondering if the white in my hair is from baking (when was my last shower!?), or someone else’s spit up – or am I actually turning gray already??!

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