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Super Savings Saturday (a little late) September 21, 2009

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Sooo, this post is a little tardy but I am participating in the Super Saturday Savings feature at Money Saving Mom.

Each week on Domestically Dunn I will post my grocery trip(s).  I will include pictures and highlight my best deals with the percentage saved.  Hopefully, this will be encouraging to see how coupons can definitely be worth the time.

Soon, I will be starting a series outlining how you can get started saving.  Hint… the first step is to get all the coupon inserts you can get your hands on!

Saturday (9/19) my newlywed friend Holly and I had a blast at Meijer.  She is new to couponing and was tagging along to learn and keep me company.  Here are the results:


Total Paid:  $50.63

Total Saved:  $114.18

Saved: 69%

Some of the best deals were the Nabisco 100 Calorie Snacks ($.62 for the total of 5 boxes), Aunt Jemima Pancake mix ($.50/box), DiGiorno Flatbread Melts ($1.00 for 2 boxes), General Mills Cereal (6 boxes for $2.29 total), and finally the Kool Aid Singles.  We don’t use Kool-Aid around our house but I got paid $7 dollars to buy them, so I guess I will figure out something to do with them. 🙂

If you are wondering how in the world I am doing this, don’t worry… I will be sharing the info soon!


3 Responses to “Super Savings Saturday (a little late)”

  1. A Mom Says:

    Play Doh. That’s one idea of what to do with your kool-aid (you use it to color the play-doh). Another one is finger paint, but it gets sticky.

  2. Jess Stock Says:

    Wow, that is unbelievable! I am so glad you started this blog! You are the person who inspired me to begin couponing, and I am excited to keep learning more from you!

  3. […] Waffle Maker!) from past weeks and a $6 coupon off my purchase thanks to the Kool-Aid I got paid to buy last week, so I am just going to lay out the current deals that I snagged and the coupons I used. […]

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