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Swagbucks September 25, 2009

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Move over Google, Hello Swagbucks!!!!!


Swagbucks is a new search engine that is powered by Google (meaning you still get the same search results you would if you used Google), but different in that it rewards you for using their site.


How does it work?


Well you sign up here.  And when you use the site to search, it will give you points called swagbucks.  You don’t get them with every search, but I always get at least get one, if not more, per day.  You redeem those swagbucks for prizes like gift cards!  I used my swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards to purchase this Belgian Waffle Maker!!!!  I love it!


The really awesome thing about swagbucks is when you refer your friends, you recieve the same points they earn (up to 100) in addition to yours.  So you can see how they could multiply fast!!


Right now, if you download the SwagBucks toolbar, they give you one swagcode per day to enter on the site for a free swagbuck!!!  I recommend the toolbar as it makes it so much easier to do searches!


So why not get paid to do something you already do anyway!  You can register at swagbucks through this link please. (so that I get points for referring you)  🙂


And don’t forget to tell YOUR friends so you can earn while they do!!


One Response to “Swagbucks”

  1. […] had ALOT  of rainchecks (one was for the waffle mix that I am going to use for my new Waffle Maker!) from past weeks and a $6 coupon off my purchase thanks to the Kool-Aid I got paid to buy last […]

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