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Introducing….. October 6, 2009


Ok, here it is…


The new feature is called : 5 for $25 !


I am going to take the current week’s Meijer ads (it could eventually be expanded to other stores as well), and make a menu of 5 meals that cost around $5.oo each or less.  Together, all of the meals will total approximately $25!  The price will not include any coupon savings outside of printable coupons.  I will link to all the printables so that everyone has the same access to them.  If you do coupon, and happen to have inserts, it will be a bonus!


Much effort will be made to come up with decently healthy, well rounded meals to feed at least 3 people.  This will be especially good for those college students who are looking to eat more than just fast food on a meager budget.  You can split the cost with roomies, and pay even less!


I have had many people who have asked me for our menu, or recipes, or to just plan their grocery trip for them, lol.  So this is a way to either detail it out for them, or at least give some ideas to get them started.   I will also include a grocery list that you can copy, paste, and print.


I know there are many other websites that have dinners planned for less than $5, but most of the time they are calculating the cost they paid while using coupons and huge sales.  This method is what I use for my family, but  I am creating “5 for $25” especially for my readers who do not have a stockpile.


If you have any questions, or suggestions, please let me know!  Look for the post to be up by Tuesday evening of each week.


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  1. […] is the first post in this new feature 5 for $25.  You can read my introduction and how it works here. Each of these meals should feed at least 3 adults hearty […]

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