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Super Savings Saturday 10/10 October 10, 2009

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This week I took advantage of Meijer’s brand sale.  I used two mealbox coupons, but only one manufacturer’s coupon for the Clorox.  Overall I think I did pretty well.  I was shopping not only for our family, but I am cooking for 15 on Sunday, so I had to buy things to make chili, cornbread, and caramel corn to feed a crowd.   I was underbudget last week, and only $15 over this week with the additional cost of the meal for tomorrow, so I think it will even out over the month.

Here are the results:




Total: $65.84

Saved: $47.07   Thats 42%!!!

The total would have been $74.59, but I used a $10 gift card I received for transferring a prescription to Meijer.

Although it wasn’t a great week for savings, I still stocked up on things we use often, and was able to purchase food for tomorrow without breaking the bank.  I think that by buying during sales and stockpiling, my cost to make the food will be around $1.50 per person for dinner, dessert, and drinks.

It just goes to show you can shop smart and still save without using gobs of coupons!  For more information and a little help to get started check this out!

Also check out the savings of some other coupon maniacs at Money Saving Mom’s “Super Savings Saturday“!


One Response to “Super Savings Saturday 10/10”

  1. Traci Says:

    I love saving almost half just by shopping sales and planning ahead, to me it is just as good as the crazy 80% savings you can get with coupons but with half the leg work – great trip!!

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