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National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day-And My Rose October 15, 2009

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I just learned from Traci at Ordinary Inspirations that today, Oct 15th, is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day.

I and so many other mothers have been personally affected by the death of our babies, whether in the womb or outside it.  After trying to conceive for such a long time, we lost our first child at 8 weeks pregnant.  I was devastated.  Because we had tried for so long, as soon as I had a positive test, we went to buy baby clothes, some sweet stuffed animals, and a blanket.  My two little ones here on earth have the stuffed animals and blanket, but I couldn’t bring myself to allow my other children to wear the clothes. They were my first baby’s.  It just didn’t feel right.

A few weeks after I had the D&C,  (I waited a while just to be sure my baby really had passed) a friend brought me a rose bush and this article.  Click here to read.  It blessed me so much.  I still have it, and I still read it once in a while.

Here is a poem excerpted from the article that really encapsulated my feelings:

“Little one, loved before knowing,
Precious one, in dreams so fair;
My empty arms ache to be holding
My rosebud who blooms “over there.”

If you had come to be with us
I’d have shown you the stars and the sea;
But your eyes see them eternally clear … 
One day you must show them to me.”

I wonder what my son or daughter would have looked like… Adorable golden curls like my son, or sweet chubby gorgeous cheeks like my daughter?  Either way my little rose was beautiful, and still is…

In the spirit of this day, won’t you go over here, and read about a mama that was denied the birth certificate of her son who lived for two minutes after being born.  Then please help her cause by signing the petition here.


2 Responses to “National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day-And My Rose”

  1. Traci Says:

    “…a rosebud sometimes may swell on this side of the fence, but if the stem grows through that barrier, it actually blooms on the other side.” Amazing how God’s creation can allow us a small enough glimpse of understanding to find some comfort throughout grief. Having had a D&C postpartum for a different reason, after the miracle of a healthy full term baby, all I could think during recovery is the immense strength it takes the women that endure this process with empty arms, breaks my heart and humbles me about as low as I can get to be reminded just how precious life is. Thank you for sharing this; you most certainly began your journey of motherhood with your first precious child.

  2. Betsy Says:

    hey, just reading through your blog and had to comment. i have a rose bush that i planted in memory of my two angel babies. it grows the most beautiful red roses i could have ever imagined. sorry to hear about your miscarriage, although it was a while ago. One never forgets, especially on your “due date”. 😉

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