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Taking A Break October 20, 2009

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I am probably going to be absent around here for a few days.  Lovebug and I both have the Swine Flu, and are taking it easy.  The hubs and Lulu have yet to get it, and hopefully they won’t!  Unfortunately, if my husband does get it, it will take him ten years to recover!  (He seems to hang on to bugs waaayyy longer than the average person)  If you could please pray he doesn’t become ill, I would greatly appreciate it!

5 For $25-Dinner On A Budget will be back next week, providing we have all recovered!


One Response to “Taking A Break”

  1. Traci Says:

    Oh no!!! You and LB are in our prayers for speedy recoveries and protection for LL and hubs who haven’t and hopefully WON’T get it.

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