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The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes. -Harold B Lee

This is us! December 21, 2009

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We often have deep and intellectual conversations as a family.  This is one we had last night.  I can’t remember what led up to it but here goes:

Lovebug:  Ladybugs make honey!

Hubs:  No, bumble bees make honey.  You like honey!

Lovebug:  No I don’t!

Hubs:  Yes, you do.  You ADORE it!

Lovebug:  I am NOT DORA!!!!  You are a cantaloupe head!  And Mommy is a strawberry head.  And LuLu is a grass head.

Me to Hubs:  You  know, your head does kind of look like a cantaloupe. ( I was referring to him having no hair and the flesh color of the rhine)

Hubs:  No, it doesn’t.  It doesn’t have dimples like a cantaloupe.

Me:  Dimples?  A cantaloupe doesn’t have dimples…


One Response to “This is us!”

  1. Tim Says:

    and judging by the picture…
    i was right
    love you babee

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