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The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes. -Harold B Lee

“Jip It!” February 26, 2010

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Okay so I had to post this right now, or it wouldn’t get done.


This morning I was telling Lovebug about Joshua from the Bible.  That apparently reminded him of Jonah, which in turn reminded him of a whale, which reminded him of “Happy Feet”, which reminded him of the scariness of whales and sharks.


He said to me, “I don’t like whales and sharks cause they cut you.”  I responded, “Do you mean they have sharp teeth that can cut you?”  “Yeah,” he replied, “I like little fish cause they just look at me.”  “And they have crabs too!” he added.


I don’t know why but the first thing that came to my mind was crab legs.  “Did you know some people like to eat crabs?” I asked.   “And some people like to eat fish too!  Daddy does, but Mommy doesn’t.”


He looked at me with a kinda confused half smile and asked, “Why you tell me that?”


Oh my goodness, I really didn’t know.  I was just trying to be informative, I guess.  I normally just narrate the world to him, and since we don’t usually have fish in our house, I thought it might be good info.  I didn’t really think about the fact that he watches Nemo, but some people like to eat him.


I just looked at him.  I didn’t have time to process all of this before he said,


“You just need to jip it.”


Where does he come up with this stuff?!! 😉



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