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Super Savings Saturday 10/10 October 10, 2009

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This week I took advantage of Meijer’s brand sale.  I used two mealbox coupons, but only one manufacturer’s coupon for the Clorox.  Overall I think I did pretty well.  I was shopping not only for our family, but I am cooking for 15 on Sunday, so I had to buy things to make chili, cornbread, and caramel corn to feed a crowd.   I was underbudget last week, and only $15 over this week with the additional cost of the meal for tomorrow, so I think it will even out over the month.

Here are the results:




Total: $65.84

Saved: $47.07   Thats 42%!!!

The total would have been $74.59, but I used a $10 gift card I received for transferring a prescription to Meijer.

Although it wasn’t a great week for savings, I still stocked up on things we use often, and was able to purchase food for tomorrow without breaking the bank.  I think that by buying during sales and stockpiling, my cost to make the food will be around $1.50 per person for dinner, dessert, and drinks.

It just goes to show you can shop smart and still save without using gobs of coupons!  For more information and a little help to get started check this out!

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