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A Dunn Family Update February 21, 2010

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Oh my.  It has been a really long time since I have posted here!  The months have flown by so fast!  Over the holidays, Lulu learned to walk and now she is all over the place.  It makes it more difficult to keep up with my kids, but also even more fun!  I turned her car seat around two weeks ago, and it felt so weird.  I have had a baby either in my belly or in my arms for 3 1/2  years.  And now I don’t have babies anymore… I have “toddlers”.


Anyways, I thought I would just kind of do an update of what we have been up to in this season!  Here are some random tidbits in no particular order:


Lovebug has really been into golfing, hunting (not quite sure how I feel about this yet :/ ), tractors, and of course making music- basically what he sees any of the guys he adores doing.   He is constantly sorting his golf balls and finding new places to stash them.  Among the many places I have found large amounts of golf balls is in my bed, on the widowsills, in the ice/water compartment on the fridge, in his play kitchen’s oven, in his sister’s baby doll carrier, in a ride-on toy, and under couch pillows.  That’s of course besides his golf bag and toolbox, where they are actually supposed to be!


Lovebug and I have a little game between us where he likes if I pretend to cry about how big he is getting to be!  I “cry” and say something like “Boohooo, my baby boy is growing toooooo fast!  I don’t want my baby to grow up!”.  One time after I said this, he said to me “I want to grow up so I can be a big boy and HUNT DEER.”  Are you kidding me?  I just started laughing.  And then crying for real.  Just kidding! 🙂  I just couldn’t believe how he put all of that together and he is only 2!  You see, his pawpaw is a hunter, and he likes to be like his grandfathers.  So he has asked about hunting and guns, but we have told him that he is too young right now but we will see when he gets older.  He put those two things together and came up with being bigger means he gets to hunt.  This kid keeps me on my toes, I am telling ya!


Like I said before, Lulu is walking and saying 1 word over and over and over again.  It’s “mommy” of course!  She literally says it nearly 50 times in a row, even if I am holding her!  It’s really great until it gets on my nerves.  Is that bad, lol?   She has been attached to her baby doll lately.  She sleeps with two, a mini one and a regular sized one.  I love how tender, sweet, and genuinely nurturing she is with them already.  She holds them and kisses them all the time! I know that means she is going to be an amazing Mama!


Even though her brother can torture her, Lulu still adores him.  For the most part she wants to be around him, and she loves to hold his hand and kiss him.  He normally feels the same way about her unless he is having a testosterone ladened aggressive moment.  Then he wants to see how hard he can squeeze her hand, or how long he can smash her by laying on her until she starts squawking.  Normally its not very long. 🙂


In the last six months I have developed a few new hobbies and interests with the main being nutrition.  I really think it has helped us to not have to visit the doctor for a sick visit since May of last year. (We are usually pretty healthy during the summer, but had the dreaded “swine flu” while on vacation.) This includes my husband who normally spends the entire winter taking prescription antibiotics!  I have been amazed at what eating fairly healthy, and taking some supplements can do for your body.  We have incorporated green smoothies into our diets 3-5 times a week, and the kids love them!  I will do a post later on the exact supplements we are taking and why I have chosen them if anyone is interested.


My creative juices have started flowing again.  I am really enjoying making some “girly” things like hairbows and tutus, and at some point would like to learn to sew some aprons.  A website or facebook page might be soon to follow, although I am having some trouble coming up with a name for this idea.  Any suggestions?


The hubs has been working harder than ever lately trying to fit one full time job, another nearly full time job, spending time with his children and me, and teaching into one 7 day week.  I must say he is doing it brilliantly and I am so proud of him!


Okay, so this blovel about sums it up!  I promise to try to post a little more often!



Trying To Remember October 29, 2009

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In this season of sickness and exhaustion I am having a hard time being thankful for the little things. At night I feel guilty that I often just want to get the kids to bed so I can have some time for myself. During the day I rarely get a chance to sit down without having to get someone a drink, or an apple, or rinse a paci, or change a pair of wet underpants, or pick up a bowl of  Cheerios for a bawling, devastated toddler- because spilling Cheerios is the END OF THE WORLD!

But then there are little things that remind me to enjoy this time.  Tonight as Lovebug and I were brushing his teeth, it hit me that he wasn’t going to need my help much longer.  That thought was like swallowing a bowling ball, not just a lump.  And ironically enough, just as I was writing this, he came down from bed because he wanted some “popcorn”.  He settled for a 5 minute cuddle with Mommy before being escorted back upstairs. 🙂

So many times I have a “can’t wait until….” mentality.   (We interrupt this post because Lovebug is back again. This time he is not greeted as favorably, lol.  As I was saying..) “I can’t wait until Lovebug does this, or doesn’t do that.”  Ahem.

I really need to work on enjoying the present without fast forwarding to a point in my mind that will be easier or more enjoyable.  The reality is that my life is filled with amazing moments every day, and I think I miss many of them because I see things as inconveniences.   Another (much-needed) perspective might show me these times are just extra opportunities to show love to these little human beings, who God most graciously gave me.

I have a quote above my sink that reads:

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

Oh my, this is so true.  It is such a good reminder to treasure every moment I am given with my children, even if those moments are not in the ideal scenarios.  I am sure there will come a time where I would give anything to be able to get Lovebug one more drink of water, or to wake up with Lulu at 5 a.m. for a feeding.

Well….. maybe not at 5 a.m. 🙂